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Postby TB SmaK on December 15th, 2008, 5:01 pm

Team Name: Blackout

Blackout Members Include (12):

Austin "SmaK" Haggett - Captain
Josh "MaXiMuS" Gold - Co- Captain
Jonathan "Orajel" Bumpus
Justin "darkk" Smiley
Chris "fresherdata" Grubbs
Matt "Bashy" Miller
Tim "The Larch" Moshure
Tim "Pickles" Peluso
Daniel "Host" Williams
Chris "Dreadf00l" Bennett
Landon "Darr" Haggett
Nick "Rocko" Roe
Dustin "HxCluck" Cluck

Location: Southeast Missouri

Games Planning To Attend In 2009: 7 Large Games Not Including Practices.

Our Current Sponsors: None at this time.

The day is over, drenched in sweat from achieving missions, and still we laugh and tell our stories around the campfire. Blackout isn’t just about winning or the glory. We play to have fun. Our biggest accomplishments aren’t those received in awards or prizes. It’s the stories brought home from each game, and knowing we had the pleasure to help others have a more enjoyable game. Our unique tactics show amazing teamwork, not only as members of Blackout, but with other players on the field as we provide a great confidence builder. Striving to win, the team always knows that fun and respect are the most important factors in paintball.

I had the chance to attend Special Ops Elite Weekend. Here I saw what I wanted more than anything for the team; the chance to play with some of the best scenario and woods ball players in the United States. Not just because they are great players, but also because they all had incredible sportsmanship. Nothing would make me happier than to see Blackout with such a reputation among the scenario world. I feel that with the help of sponsors, we can make it there. Blackout plans to support all sponsorships with our very best. All the while having fun, portraying exceptional sportsmanship and all the things a sponsor could be proud to support a team for.

Thank you for taking the time to review our request. We would be very proud to represent the logo of Maddman Products.

Austin Haggett - Captain of Blackout
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