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Postby Hoax-SOG 7 on November 8th, 2008, 4:24 pm

We are a scenerio team nased out of St. Louis Mo,
I am Brian Holke the team captain, we have 7 members
We are planning on going to between 5-6 games this upcoming year
We are currently sponsored by Maddman Products

We have been a team for over 5 years. We play an average of 4-5 games a year, not including practice and for fun. We have been named team MVT twice once at OES at Smakzone and once at FFO. We wear full tactical gear and use mil sim weapons. We also have, and use, a launcher for anti tank and structure missions. We specialize in the "mission aspect" of scenerio games. Each one of our member has they own strengths and we try to utilize them for the good of the team. We all use radios and believe communication is the key. The following is a list of our members and thanks for the consideration
Brian "Hoax" Holke
John "stubbs" Lockwood
Brian "Slim" Mathews
Jared "Cobra" Kline
Adam "Visor" Tapley
Jacob "Goat" Kline
Tim "Chito" Holke
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